AhoyConnect Knowledge Hub

AhoyConnect Knowledge Hub

This page will give you access to all relevant information that you will need to access, set up, manipulate, read, and understand your AhoyConnect application. In case you might have some questions left, please reach out to either our Slack community or directly via support@ahoyconnect.com

🎬 Getting Started

📺 Dashboard - Use it as a quick health check

👥 Members - Filtering, tagging, segmentation and engagement

🪩 Events - Create and customise events, link members and see the impact

📝 Activity Feed - Observe, filter and manage conversations

📊 Insights - Building customised views and understanding community

Building customised dashboards in Insights
Building customised dashboards in Insights

⛩ Integrations - Connecting, mapping and scoring WIP

🔒 Safety and Data Protection - Being on the safe side WIP