Content - Keywords

Content - Keywords

We all want to know what our communities are talking about, what topics have the most traction, when a particular discussion picked up, and how engaging it is.

Because of this, we are very proud to present…

...Content - Keywords!

⚙️ How does it work?

The TL;DR of it is, that

  • users can now define keywords they want to track
  • we surface activities containing these keywords...
  • well as statistics of all time and over time volume, engagement and engagement per activity for the keywords

Wanna go deeper? ⛏️ Check out this Loom for the full scoop! 🍨

🎉 Why is it awesome?

Because now, users can track topics that have traction in their community, compare engagement across topics, understand community feedback and much more…

How is the total engagement calculated?


The first important factor is the date bucket that you’re using. ⏳

The tool counts the message itself (if occured during that date range), and every related activity same as child activity.

Let’s assume that you have a count of 5 messages including the specific keyword on a day.

The Total engagement says 30. In this case it means that we’re looking into 25 additional activities that happened on these 5 messages.

This could be thread replies, reactions, comments, and whatever the respective integration has to offer.

The scoring system is completely irrelevant here as the Total Engagement only counts the actual activity.