Filtering the activity feed

Filtering the activity feed

We get it, depending on how big your community will be, the activity feed can quickly become pretty overwhelming.

By applying filters, you will be able to define the data that you were looking for.

Example 1:

Do you want to know what a member of the team/community has been posting in a period of time?

No problem, use the Full Name filter, and you will see all interactions for this member. Add received add as a filter, and you can narrow it down to the exact period you were looking for.


Example 2:

You sent a communication around a new product using multiple channels and would like to know the overall sentiment of your community.

We got you covered. Simply use the following filtering options:

Channel - Any channel

Activity type - Reaction to message

Absolute - after X date

If there is any filtering option that you want to be included, feel free to reach out to your customer success manager or simply drop us an email at