EP - Participant engagement (1)

EP - Participant engagement (1)

This chart helps you understand if events are helping you engage your community members more. Specifically, if event participants are more engaged in your community, compared to the engagement of members not connected to any events.


The purple line represents average activities per event participating members across time, while the grey line depicts average activities per member not participating in any events over time.

The scorecard number (97% greater) is counted as how much of a multiplier (or a fraction) the average event participant activity is compared to the average activity of non-event members.

The period over period change is absolute, using percentage points - for example, if at the end of the previous period, event members amounted to 79% of total activities, and at the end of the current period the result is 97%, we display +18%.

The data in the tooltip spotlights average activities per member on a specific date, as well as the result of the calculation for that date.

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