MG - By integration (1)

MG - By integration (1)

The Member Growth - Integration breakdown report helps you understand how each platform (integration) is affecting community member growth.


In the Insights module - For each date bucket, the members are counted in, if they were part of the integration for at least one moment of the selected date bucket. If a member leaves the integration, they are not counted as a part of the integration from the following date bucket. This can cause different data being displayed for the same date-range when using various date buckets (monthly vs weekly).

In the Monitoring module - For each date bucket, only member_integrations that were part of the integration during the last moment of the date bucket are counted in.


Churn edge cases

In contrast to the Member Growth - Cumulative report, it is possible for the data in this chart to decrease over time. It is caused by members leaving specific integrations. 💡 This contributes to member_integration churn but not member churn.

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