ML - Recently Joined Members (1)

ML - Recently Joined Members (1)

The Recently joined members member list helps you understand who are the most recent additions to your community.

The member list is ordered from the most recent joiners to the oldest ones based on their community join date.

The date is reconciled across all integrations the member is part of, with the oldest date taking priority.

‘Member growth - New only’ report difference

It might be the case that this data source shows different member counts than the ‘Member growth - New only’ source, due to Recently joined members being only new members while the member growth source reconciles new joiners and members who left your community.

For example, if 13 new members joined your community in January, the Recently joined members report shows 13 members. Ast the same time, the Member growth - New only source can show only 10 members as alongside the new joiners, 3 older members might have left in January, resulting in a net +10 members in your community.

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