GitHub Integration

GitHub Integration

The AhoyConnect GitHub integration automatically ingests contributors and activities from repositories you create access to. We'll create a profile for every contributor, a global and personal timeline for all activities, and generate an automatic report right for your dashboard.

Installing the AhoyConnect App in your GitHub organization

On your integrations page, simply click +Connect Integration and choose the GitHub integration.

πŸ’‘ You will need admin rights to your GitHub organization to be able to install the AhoyConnect application. If you don't have admin access, you need to request it. This will send an automated message to your organization's admins. As soon as they approve it, you'll have the ability to attach it to your new workspace.

List of GitHub Events and FAQ

Select which repositories you want to add and save your settings.

πŸ’‘ If you choose "All", AhoyConnect will only connect to public repositories. If you choose a specific set of repositories, public or private, AhoyConnect will connect to those and those only. If you wish to have a hybrid of public and private repositories connected to AhoyConnect, you'll need to choose "Only select repositories" and select all of the ones you're interested in.

Our Github integration application which is providing webhooks needs the following permissions:

☝🏼 In case you would like to remove the application, you can do this right below the repository access settings


Data mapping

You will be redirected to the data mapping page where you can connect data you want to map from GitHub (left column) to specific member fields available (right column).

You can see all the possible data fields that we’re able to automatically sync from Github in the screenshot πŸ‘‰πŸΌ


Scoring System

Events: Add events you want to track and assign them importance from 1 to 10 points for each time the user will perform the action

Activity Stages: Define activity stages by creating your own badges for each stage with its own range of points users need to hit to earn the badge in the last 30 days.


You can find more information about the scoring system in our dedicated article here.

AhoyConnect will now import activities and contributors from your organization's repositories. This process may take a few minutes to sync.

If there is anything you would like to change or need help with, please contact your success manager, and in case you don't have one yet, please drop us an email at