Slack Integration

Slack Integration

The AhoyConnect Slack integration will naturally pull messages to your dashboard.

We'll create a profile for each member and an activity for each message, permitting you to see when they joined, the channels they are more dynamic on, and the particular messages they posted.

You will see a detailed selection of available data sources in the template gallery when hitting the new dashboard button.


You will also be able to click on the message to open it directly in Slack. 🚀

💡 AhoyConnect Slack integration will automatically join every public channel in your Slack and get data from it. For private channels, you can add the bot manually to each one of them.

Connecting AhoyConnect to Slack

“Connect Slack Integration" will take you to Slack's authorization screen. The app asks for read-only permissions. Ensure that the correct Slack workspace is selected in the top-right corner, then click Allow.


Slack’s default settings allow for any member to install an application in a workspace. Be sure to select the correct Slack workspace on that screen, or you might install Ahoy in an unrelated community!

Click Allow

Data mapping

You will be redirected to the data mapping page where you can connect data you want to map from Slack (left column) to specific member fields available (right column).

You can see all the possible data fields that we’re able to automatically sync from Slack in the screenshot 👉🏼

If there is any data field you’re missing in the dropdown options, please create the fields in the settings here We’ve got a special article dedicated to the soul purpose of creating custom member fields


Scoring System


You can find more information about the scoring system in our dedicated article here.

The scoring system can’t be configured during the first 24 hours due to ongoing calculations and the initial automatic setup we provide you with based on the activity in your account.

Events: Add events you want to track and assign them importance from 1 to 10 points for each time the user will perform the action

Here is an article with the list of activities that we’re able to keep track

Activity Stages: Define activity stages by creating your own badges for each stage with its own range of points users need to hit to earn the badge in the last 30 days.

There is no limit to possible granularity when setting up these stages. As mentioned above, during the initial setup (24h) we will propose a possible setup based on the activities in your account.

You can find more information about the scoring system in our dedicated article here.

If there is anything you would like to change or need help with, please contact your success manager, and in case you don't have one yet, please drop us an email at