Member detail page

Member detail page

Once you click on a member of your community, the member detail page will pop up, showing you useful insights.

These insights include when the person joined your community, when he/she was last active and how many inactive days this results in:


Editing options for particular members

Next to the user's name you can see 3 ellipsis dots that will allow you to manipulate the information that you have about this person.



Choose whether you'd like to see your user's activity from all integrations combined or specifically.


Add activity manually

Once you hit the button, it will give you all the necessary options to add an activity that wasn't picked up by one of your integrations.


This could come in handy if:

  • You'd like to leave some notes for your colleagues
  • Document what happened at a real-life event
  • Simply share important updates about this member

Status, Tags and more...

The right side of the member detail section is reserved for more in-depth tools-

Activity Status

You want to know where your user rules. What is the channel he/she uses the most and how actively he/she is engaging?

Find more information about the scoring system in this dedicated article.



Add or remove tags to this member as you go.


If you don't know yet how to add tags, check this article out.


Create notes in a quick and easy way that does not appear in the activity field.



Check out all the segments where the user is currently listed or added.

If you see a segment with a yellow exclamation mark, that basically just means that the member is currently not fulfilling one or more parameters of this segment.

💡 By clicking on one of the segments, you can get straight to it and its insights.


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