AG - All time

AG - All time

A healthy community is an active one. Understanding community health starts with understanding its activity.

The Activity Growth - All time (Cumulative) report helps you understand the magnitude of this activity - across the whole history of your community.

As this is a cumulative metric, the data should have a growing trend, as stagnating chart signifies a massive ebb of community activity.


The all-time volume of activities is calculated for each date bucket. This means that activities in period n contain all activities up to period n, plus the activities generated by your community in period n.

How to read this data

Each data point represents the total activity volume up to that date. In other words, if the selected date range expands up until today, the rightmost data point (today/this month/…) equals all activities your community took up until today.

New integration edge cases

A spike in the chart might be caused by a connection of new integration, for which we are not able to download historical activity data - in other words, your community might not necessarily be more active, you might include tracking of their activity from a new integration.

Integration activity count edge case

It is worth remembering that not every integration contributes the same way to your activity count. Some integrations (such as Twitter or Slack) are responsible for a significantly higher count of activities than others (namely InSided or Discourse). In order to understand this, try to take a look at the Activity Growth - Integration breakdown report.

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