EP - Linked Members

EP - Linked Members

This chart helps you understand how big of a part of your community are your events reaching.

The blue line shows how many members participated in at least one event, by the date of the data point, while the grey line represents members of your community not connected to any event.


The scorecard number (14%) is counted as part of members connected to any event, out of all community members, at the end of the selected period.

The period over period change is absolute, using percentage points - for example, if at the end of the previous period, event activities amounted to 5% of total activities, and at the end of the current period the result is 14%, we display +9%.

The data in the tooltip spotlight member counts on the hovered-over date, as well as the result of the calculation for that date.

It is possible for the grey line to go down - if your community is not growing, and only current members of your community are engaging with events, the total of the chart will remain flat, the blue area will grow at the expense of the grey one, which is completely normal.

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