MG - New members

MG - New members

The Member Growth - New members report helps you understand community member growth.



For each period, the volume of newly joined members minus the volume of members that left your community is counted.

‘Recently joined members’ list difference

As this data source reconciles members joining and leaving your community in a given period, it might be the case that using this report, you arrive at, for example 10 members joining your community in January, while the Recently joined members report shows 13 members. This is due to the fact that there really might have been 13 new members but 3 older members might have left in January, resulting in a net +10 members in your community.

Archiving a member edge case

When archiving a member in Ahoy, we are hiding data of all archived members throughout their history, meaning archiving a member does not cause a dip in the data but rather a decrease over the whole data set.

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