What happens when my account gets downgraded

What happens when my account gets downgraded

Except for a very disappointed CSM, not much 😉

You can downgrade anytime according to your subscription plan. Simply go to the billing page and chose the downgrade option.

Here are the main points to keep in mind when downgrading to Growth:

  • The number of dashboards will be limited to 5. In case you have more, they will be greyed out and inaccessible
  • In case you have more than 5 integrations connected, we will ask you which ones you want to keep to reach the maximum amount of 5
  • The same happens if you have more than 10 team members. (The latest joiners will be kicked out, sorry pals😉)
  • You will lose access to your personal CSM (you can still use the Discord community for your requests)

When downgrading to the Free version:

  • Everything above 2 dashboards will be greyed out
  • Everything above 2 integrations will be disconnected
  • The person who signed up will be the only user allowed into the account
  • The template gallery will be limited to show only essential templates
  • The sentiment and keyword features will not be available anymore
  • You will lose access to Twitter and Hubspot integrations due to API pricing

Make sure you join our Discord server where all the questions you might have will be answered in no time