Understanding the dashboard

Understanding the dashboard

We created the dashboard for you to have the best possible overview of your community.

Let's start with the upper part ☝🏼


You will find quantified information around activities and members that you are able to filter by 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month, giving you an idea about what happened in your community.

When choosing the All integrations tab in the upper left part of your dashboard, you will see the stats for all connected integrations.

💡 You want to see information for a specific integration right in your dashboard? Add the view of the integration to the upper tab section for easy window shopping 😊


By clicking the + Add integration in your dashboard, you can simply choose from one of your already integrated platforms to be shown as a stand-alone dashboard.

Once you added the integrations to your dashboard, you can simply switch between all integrations and specific ones. 😊

The dashboard will update itself according to the chosen option 👉🏼

Highlights for the last 30 days 📣

This section will mainly display the posts/messages that gathered the most attention over the last 30 days.

☝🏼 Be aware that if you choose one specific integration as described in the part above, this section will only display messages from that integration.

New members 👥

All your new members out of the last 30 days. Simply click the See all to be redirected to the member's tab.

Top Contributors 🌟

The chosen ones, the stars in the bar, and the members that show the highest interest in your product, brand, or company. (Hypothetically speaking this could also be your biggest hater 😅 )

The See all button will once more get you straight to the member's section.

Did you spot something that could be improved? Reach out to your success manager, and in case you don't have one yet, drop us an email at support@ahoyconnect.com 😊